Fractal Burning at Reaver Beach Norfolk

Fractal Burning at Reaver NFK

Ever wondered what it takes to create a fractal burn on wood? Now is your chance to find out. Join us for a class led by local craftsman, Keith Holder of, to learn how to make your own fractal burn charcuterie board.

Each student will be provided with a rectangular maple charcuterie board for the burning process. Each board will measure 15”x10”x1” and be sanded to 80 grit for best results. Keith will lead the class on the ins and outs of fractal burning, and each student will have the opportunity to burn their own board. Once the boards are burned, each student will learn how to clean the burns and prep them for the epoxy fill. Each student will mix their own small batch of epoxy (color of your choice) and fill the burns they created on their board.

Location: Reaver Beach in Norfolk, at 3800 Colley Ave, Norfolk VA.

Date and Time: August 20th at noon. Class will be separated into two start times, one at noon and one at 2:30. Please let us know your preference via email and we will do our best to get you your preferred start time. ( to request a start time!

Each ticket includes: 1 maple board 10x15x1", epoxy and dyes, one beer ticket, and all instructional time. (Board finishing by Keith is an add on option for $20.)

This event has two pricing tiers. The first pricing tier is for the event itself, the class on fractal burning and learning how to fill the burns with epoxy. The second tier is for an additional option of Keith taking your boards home and sanding and returning them to Norfolk Wood Shop. Essentially, if you opt out of tier two, you will have to sand and finish your board yourself after the epoxy is cured and it is ready to pick up.


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