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Large 12" Cole Jaw Set

Large 12" Cole Jaw Set

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NOVA Large Cole Jaw Set has 12″/304mm bowl diameter capacity. An accessory for NOVA Chucks, designed to expand your range and capacity of your standard NOVA chuck for specific projects and applications. Please note: Due to sizing, only the SuperNOVA2 and Titan chucks are compatible with these jaws. NOVA 6040 Large Cole Jaw Set is a versatile set, designed for the re-chucking of bowls to remove chuck marks, add decoration or to re-shape the bottoms of bowls that have already been turned. Other NOVA Accessory jaw sets can be added to the Cole Jaws making a combination jaw facility – expanding dovetail facility for mounting bowls/platters and a reverse dovetail for mounting footed bowls/platters. These jaws have many advantages over traditional vacuum chucking.

Suitable for lathes with a minimum 14″ diameter swing. Diecast aluminum with pre-set holes, for precise closing, durability and long life.

4 jaw segments
Special fasteners
Standard rubber bumpers and instructions.

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