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Drill Press Laser

Drill Press Laser

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Wixey's WL133 Drill Press Laser projects a thin set of crosshairs to show the precise point where the drill bit will contact the workpiece. This allows you to quickly position your work so the hole is drilled exactly where needed, eliminating the need to repeatedly lower the bit to the surface to check for alignment. The laser attachment mounts in minutes and is quickly and easily aligned. After initial setup, the crosshairs stay centered regardless of workpiece thickness and table height.

  • Thin, precise crosshairs ensure drilling accuracy
  • Mounts quickly to nearly any drill press and is easy to adjust for center
  • Crosshairs stay on center at any table or workpiece height
  • Rugged steel frame construction stands up to heavy use and vibration
  • Uses 2 AA batteries (not included)
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