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3-Piece Set with Rectangle, Gooseneck, Curved Cabinet Scrapers

3-Piece Set with Rectangle, Gooseneck, Curved Cabinet Scrapers

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These scrapers are made from SAE 1074 carbon tempered spring steel with a hardness of 50 HRC. This steel provides the perfect hardness that makes preparing a proper edge a breeze while providing optimal edge retention. This steel also affords just the right amount of “flex” or “spring” in the blade giving the user the best control of the tool. These scrapers are sharpened by polishing the square edges and then drawing out a fine hook with a hardened burnisher. All scrapers are 0.032 inch thick.  Set comes with complete sharpening instructions.

This 3-piece shaped scraper set contains the standard profiles needed to finish irregular profiles or moldings: 

The Gooseneck scraper (3 inch x 5 inch) is used for awkward curves in moldings, where a portion of the outside curve of the Gooseneck scraper will be found to fit the desired radius.

The Convex/concave scraper (2 inch x 5 inch) can be used at either end to fit hollows and rounds or on spindles. It may also be used as a flat scraper along its parallel edges. The points at the concave end are ideal for scraping in narrow grooves.

The Rectangular scraper (2 inch x 6 inch) is the standard shape for working flat surfaces, though (as with the convex/concave) it corners can also be used as scraping points. 

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