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AccuMaster Digital Fraction 6 inch/150mm Caliper

AccuMaster Digital Fraction 6 inch/150mm Caliper

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The AccuMASTER Digital Caliper is a precision measuring tool designed with a well-built hardened stainless steel body that features the largest-in-class digital display. It is accurate to 1/1000" but offers a convenient 1/64" fraction readout making it the perfect choice for pro and DIYs alike. It has three measuring modes including fractions, decimal inches and millimeters depending on what your job requires.

  • Usable display formats: Shows fractions in 64ths, decimal inches and millimeters
  • Largest in class display
  • Versatile: measure internal, external, depth and step with two sets of jaws and the probe
  • Three measuring modes: Switch between decimal inch, inch fraction and millimeter
  • Measurement Range: 0 - 6" and 0 - 150mm
  • IP54 certified: Splashing water and dust resistant
  • ACCURACY - 0.001 inch (0.02mm); Resolution 1/64" (0.01mm) 0.0005 inch

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