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CRB7-MHL Mortise, Hinge, Lock & Flute

CRB7-MHL Mortise, Hinge, Lock & Flute

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The New CRB7/MHL from M. Power Tools creates a stable platform to repeat cut precision mortises, lock and hinge rebates, quickly, efficiently and safely. Add the CRB7/MK3/DX Combination Router Base, CRB7 MK3 Side Fence Kit or Edging Trim Kit for even more functionality.

CRB7/MHL Features:

  • Anodized Aluminum
  • Durable Injection Mouldings
  • Precision Fluting
  • Micro-Adjustment
  • Quick Lock Jaws
  • On-Board Sight Lines
  • Easy Set-Up, Quick Fit
  • Hinges & Lock Rebates
  • Centered & Off-Centered Mortises

The CRB7/MHL accessory is a retro-fit jig for use with the CRB7/MK3/DX Combination Router Base. The CRB7/MHL jig is intended to increase stability when cutting mortises and reduce the possibility of error. It enables accurate precision during routing Mortises, Hinge and Lock recesses.

Tool Functions:

  • Micro adjustable centered and off-centered Mortising
  • Adjustable Mortising for material between 1-1/2" - 7" (38mm - 178mm)
  • Adjustable hinge and lock rebates
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