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Digital Readout for Planers

Digital Readout for Planers

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With 12'' of height capacity, the Wixey WR550 Digital Readout is the ideal thickness gauge for larger planers and sanders. Once mounted, the easy-to-read LCD display makes it easy to view the exact thickness setting of your planer, to an accuracy of 0.002''. The display comes with a 6' cable that lets you mount it in the best position for visibility, and can be easily disconnected if needed. Powered by standard AAA batteries that provide up to 2 years of battery life.

  • Accurately displays the thickness setting of your planer, drum sander or wide belt sander
  • Display reads in both fractional and decimal inches, as well as metric
  • 12'' height range is ideal for large stationary planers and sanders
  • Remote display uses a standard 6' Cat 5E cable
  • Comes complete with all mounting hardware, drill bits, and detailed instructions
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