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General Finishes

Flat Out Flat Water Based Topcoat

Flat Out Flat Water Based Topcoat

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General Finishes is always on the cutting edge with products for professionals and DIYers alike that deliver superior performance and are easy to use. Flat Out Flat, a clear, flat, water-based topcoat, is their latest innovation, a response to the durability issue with chalk paint and milk paint. The very ingredient that gives these paints their velvety look and powdery feel works against them in the durability department, especially chalk paint that can at times rub off on you if you brush up against it. Although wax can be used to increase chalk paints durability, it requires frequent reapplication. General Finishes solution: Flat Out Flat Topcoat, a finish designed to preserve the look, feel and color while increasing the durability of milk paint and chalk paint with a single coat. Flat Out Flat dries in about two to four hours under normal conditions. Coverage is about 600 sq. ft. per gallon, and cleanup is easy with warm soapy water.

Flat Out Flat is a self-crosslinking water-based topcoat that mimics the lustrous look and feel of wax. The increased matting agents used to create “flat look” cause this wood finish to have less clarity, show fingerprints more and provide slightly less durability than High Performance. It is recommended for low-use projects other than kitchen cabinets and table tops.

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