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Galaxi 16"- 44" Wood Lathe

Galaxi 16"- 44" Wood Lathe

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This NOVA wood turning lathe machine combines the best features of larger wood lathes – power, capacity, and capability with state of the art technology to ensure your turning is more efficient, safer, and more fun! The NOVA Galaxi DVR™ (DIGITAL VARIABLE RELUCTANCE) WOODTURNING LATHE (SKU 55214) is the most versatile lathe on the market. Able to handle a wide range of woodturning work from small pens to large 29″/750mm bowls and long spindle work (using optional Outrigger accessory, sold separately). With no pulleys or belts to vibrate or replace, our unique DVR™ (DIGITAL VARIABLE RELUCTANCE) direct drive motor is incredibly smooth . The DVR™ (DIGITAL VARIABLE RELUCTANCE) series from NOVA is powered by Striatech and is the only smart lathe series available on the market, and the ONLY lathe to feature intelligent ADAPTIVE CONTROL™ software that works for the wood turner to produce optimum woodturning conditions for your specific projects.
FEATURES INCLUDE: Forward and Reverse Expandable to 29” capacity outboard with optional outrigger accessory and 44” between centers. Power to Burn 2HP (220v) and 1.75 (110v) Direct Drive DVR™ (Digital Variable Reluctance) Motor (powered by Striatech) offers more power/torque than any competitive 16″ wood turning lathe machine on the market. Up to 50% Energy Efficiency The DVR™ (Digital Variable Reluctance) motor only draws as much power as necessary – this means it is highly efficient in its power use and runs very cool, adding years of longevity to your motor. 8 Favorite Speeds, PLUS Dial in Speed Control for Faster, More Precise Speed Setting Favorite Speed feature enables you to program your most used speeds for efficient project setup. Solid CAD designed Cast Iron Stand Exclusive larger design with CAD-designed ribbing for structural strength and a provision for a tool shelf. Designed to allow for custom shelves to add to the stand. Shelves are not supplied with the stand (sold separately). Incredible Power in a Compact Workspace Great for those who need all the space they can get! The swivel head and articulated Outrigger Accessory (sold separately) means that even when turning large bowls, you are still turning in the same compact space. Slide the headstock along the bed for larger projects. 360° Swivel head Position work where you want it makes your turning more comfortable and saves space. Incredible Speed Range 100 – 5,000 RPM Perfect for a wide variety of projects from small pens to large bowls and platters. High Torque Delivers high torque right from the start – making it well suited for low-speed turning. No belts to change – full power output is available at the spindle. Intelligent Drive The computer analyzes (100s of times per second) both the spindle position and the power required to maintain a given speed. As cutting tool pressure is increased the drive adds more power. Low Maintenance The DVR™ (Digital Variable Reluctance) is a simple motor – the complexity is in the electronics. It has few mechanical parts with no belts, pulleys – the motor and lathe machine headstock are a fully integrated whole. There are no brushes or magnets and only one set of very robust industrial grade stator windings and we stand by our technology offering a comprehensive warranty of 2 years on the motor and electronics. NOVA GALAXI DVR (DIGITAL VARIABLE RELUCTANCE) WOODTURNING LATHE (SKU 55214) SPECIFICATIONS: Bowl Turning Capacity 16″/406.4mm Inboard 29″/736mm Outboard (Using optional outrigger accessory) Between Centers: Standard 44″/1117mm Power Output: 1.75 HP (115V) / 2 HP (220 V) – NOTE: 220V/2 HP requires plug change Speed Range: 100 – 5000 RPM continuous variable speed Spindle Thread: 1 1/4″ 8TPI RH (USA, Canada, Australasia & UK) M33 x 3.5 RH (Europe excluding the UK) Tailstock: 2MT Hollow (Self-Ejecting) 360° Swivel Head Indexing: 24 Division NOVA GALAXI DVR (DIGITAL VARIABLE RELUCTANCE) WOODTURNING LATHE (SKU 55214) ADDITIONAL FEATURES: Solid cast iron throughout Strong 2MT spindles Long reach toolslides Quick Action Cam Control – precisely adjust to your requirements, fast Large range of accessories Large text option Speed knob Electronic auto braking Electronic speed chart Favorite speed setting Speed ramp profiles Idle motor detection Upgradeable firmware Password protection Weight: 436lbs/198kgs Dimensions: 73.4 x 19.5 x 49.6 inches
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