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Green abrasive scouring pad

Green abrasive scouring pad


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Your standard green abrasive scouring pads, used in woodworking for a multitude of purposes, including cleaning wood, stripping, and finish removal. 

Size: 3"x4"

About this item

  • HEAVY DUTY: Infok scouring pads with tough fibers and abrasives can complete heavy duty cleaning work quickly. Often used in kitchen instead of scrapers, steel wool and metal sponges.
  • SUPER DECONTAMINATION: Unique decontamination abrasive particles, evenly distributed throughout the scrubbing pads. Effectively clean stubborn burnt-on stain, remove caked on and baked on messes easily. It's recommended to use together with detergent, decontamination better.
  • MUTIPURPOSE:  It's great for cleaning pots, pans, sinks, bathrooms and competent in scrubbing stove burners, broilers, grills and garden tools. Of course it can be folded or rolled for effective cleaning on irregular surfaces, even cut it in half to meet your needs.
  • TOUGH DURABLE: The scouring pads contains tough and durable synthetic fibers that are crimped and heat set to develop strong open web, so they are resilient, non-rusting, not easily unravel or tear off and not embed food particles inside, unlike steel wool and other poor quality products.
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