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Doctor's Woodshop

Microcrystal Wax Bowl Finish 16oz.

Microcrystal Wax Bowl Finish 16oz.

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Doctor’s Woodshop MICROCRYSTAL WAX BOWL FINISH contains treated Walnut oil and microaggregated microcrystal wax (Cosmolloid 80H). As with other finishes containing microaggregated wax, friction polishing on the lathe or with other mechanical buffing systems produces a hard, restorable finish with a brighter shine than carnauba wax. This one step finish is food safe and will last for a long time on salad bowls and other table ware. It is important to remember that the Walnut oil is still protecting the surface even after the wax has worn away.  Easily restored with the Microcrystal Paste Wax (DOC-105).



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