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Individual Pipe Clamps, 3/4"

Individual Pipe Clamps, 3/4"


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Adjustable pipe clamps are the perfect choice for the professional craftsman, serious hobbyist or DIYer. These clamps mount to any length heavy black or galvanized pipe with both ends threaded. Note: Pipe is not included. For best results, ensure the pipe is 4" longer than your workpiece. Clamp jaws are made from malleable steel for strong and rigid clamping. Clamp jaws are powder coated to resist corrosion and prevent glue from sticking. The clamp jaws feature a large clamping surface. The movable jaws feature smooth-turning carbon steel Acme screw threads that produce high clamping pressure with less effort. Acme threads are zinc plated to prevent corrosion and minimize glue buildup. Maximum screw travel is 2-1/2".

Larger diameter clamps (3/4") have a one-piece malleable steel handle with 3/4" clearance.

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