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Insert Nova 1" 8 TPI RH & LH

Insert Nova 1" 8 TPI RH & LH


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Allows you to ‘adapt’ your Insert Type NOVA Chuck to a 1″x 8TPI RH & LH Lathe. Allows you to keep the same chuck and accessories if you change your lathe – you only need to change the insert/adaptor. The internal thread is 1″x8TPI Dual Threaded RH and LH, and the external thread matches the NOVA insert type chucks, to easily screw into the back of your NOVA Insert Type Chuck. This makes your NOVA insert type chuck ready to attach to your 1″8 threaded lathe spindle. The dual thread is perfect for lathes with both RH and LH 1″x 8TPI Threaded spindles. Precisely machined from 1045 High Tensile Steel.

Safety Advisory! Only use authentic NOVA accessories on your NOVA chuck. Using non genuine NOVA and copies of accessories could lead to operation and safety issues and will void our market leading warranty. NOVA accessories are designed for use only on NOVA Chucks. Do not use on any other chuck.

• Fits NOVA (Teknatool) Mercury Mini Lathe, Jet Lathes
• Internal Thread is 1″x 8TPI RH & LH, to fit all 1″x 8TPI RH & LH lathes
• Precision machined from a solid billet 1045 High Tensile Steel
• Fits all NOVA Insert Type Chucks for maximum flexibility and adaptability
• Quickly and inexpensively adapt your NOVA chuck to almost any lathe depending on insert thread size.
• 6-Year Full Replacement Warranty

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