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Lite SN2 Bowl Turning Bundle (23264 Insert Chuck 6040, 6030, Case)

Lite SN2 Bowl Turning Bundle (23264 Insert Chuck 6040, 6030, Case)

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The NOVA 23271 LITE SuperNOVA2 Insert Version Most Popular Chuck Bundle is one easy grab-and-go bundle. Includes the 23264 SuperNOVA 2 Chuck, 25mm/1″ Jaws, 100mm/4″ Jaws, and the 10″ Cole Jaws. All are able to be fitted to your NOVA chuck with the fastenings that come with the chuck.

*Warranty covers manufacture defects only


• Requires NOVA Insert/Adaptor to fit to your specific lathe (Additional purchase)
• Recommended for power work-holding on lathes from 350mm /14” to 508mm/20” diameter swing
• Tuff lock gearing for extra smooth action, full range jaw movement for extra clamping pressure and maximum material support
• Fully Sealed Duracon® composite indexing backing plate
• High tech copper infused precision cast jaw slides for easy movement and resistance to wear and tear
• Built in Auto-stop safety feature prevents jaws from protruding past the chuck body
• Easy to use, self centering design
• The NOVA 25mm/1″ (JS25) Jaw is convenient for small, unsupported spigot and bowl turning work. Expansion range is 1.02″-1.81″ and Contraction Square range is 1.10″-0.35″, Contraction Round range is 1.22″ – 0.39″.

The NOVA 100mm/4″ (JS100N) Jaw is designed for expanded dovetail, reverse dovetail and for gripping footed bowls, around 12-14″ in diameter. It can also mount customized false wooden jaws so that you can design your very own customized jaws for your special projects. Expansion range is 3.81″-4.64″, Contraction range (around bowl foot) is square 3.03″ – 2.20″ and rounds is 3.89″-2.99″.

The Cole Jaws (JSCOLE) is a versatile set, designed for the re-mounting of bowls to remove chuck marks, or to add decoration, or to re-shape the bottom of the bowls that have already been turned. These standard Cole jaws are suitable for lathes with a minimum 12″/300mm swing diameter. Optional 6030 Jaw buffer kit extends the work holding options of the Cole Jaws even further. This bundle is an incredible value for money!

WARRANTY: 6 Year Jaws + 2 Year Accessories, Inclusions and Chuck Full Replacement*

Safety Advisory!
Only use authentic NOVA accessories on your NOVA chuck. Using non-genuine NOVA and copies of accessories could lead to operation and safety issues and will void our warranty. NOVA accessories are designed for use only on NOVA Chucks. Do not use on any other chuck.

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