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Lite Supernova2 Chuck (Body Only Kit)

Lite Supernova2 Chuck (Body Only Kit)

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The NOVA 23269 LITE SuperNOVA2 Insert Version Chuck is suitable for a wide variety of lathes with up to 20″ swing. The SuperNOVA 2 Chuck is fully featured and one of the most popular on the market today. Unique features such as Composite Indexing Back, Auto Stop, Copper composite Jaw Slides, Comfortable Tilt away T Bar Handle. Powerful Tuff Lock™ gearing with precise, hardened action. Delivers incredibly smooth strength for a solid, vibration free performance. This is an Insert type chuck, it requires an additional insert adaptor to fit a lathe.

* Body only. Does not include chuck jaws. For a fully configured version, see SKU 23264

23067 vs 23269 Differences
Chuck: The 23067 SuperNOVA 2 was a left hand scroll (anti-clockwise) where with the 23269 LITE SuperNOVA 2 chuck we have reversed the scroll a for more intuitive right hand scroll (clockwise). The old axiom known to many of Righty-Tighty (contract jaws) Lefty-Loosy (expand jaws) now continues with our new LITE chuck range.

We have also removed the numbering on the jawslides. After years of research and taking user input, we have found our method of aligning jaws to jawslide numbers outdated! Now, simply set your NOVA jaws on your NOVA LITE chuck at any starting position with your NOVA jaws in clockwise fashion by the jaw markings 1-4, it’s that easy!

Warranty: 23067 = 6 Year Chuck Full Replacement* / 23269 = 2 Year Chuck Full Replacement*

*Warranty covers manufacture defects only

• Precision machined from 1045 High Tensile Steel with a polished self-metal finish to allow for closer tolerances.
• Fully sealed composite indexing backing plate. Made from ultra-tough Duracon composite, reinforced with stranded glass-fibers for extremely long life in tough conditions. Self-lubricating properties. Unique indexing function built into the backing plate. Holographic sticker for NOVA authenticity.
• Unique tilt away T-bar handle for easy and convenient access
• Fits the full range of NOVA chuck accessories (Note: Does not come with accessory jaws)
• Powerful Geared Grip with Tuff Lock™ Technology. Precise, hardened geared action delivers solid, vibration free turning. Solid, vibration. Single Handed Operation. Fast and convenient when mounting your project. More time spent turning and less time spent preparing.
• Captured pinion and ball nose Allen key with large, easy grip handle. Rotation arrow for easy reference and fast opening and closing action. Unique, tilt away action, means it can be angled back in operation, away from work.
• Common accessory jaw fixing profile – compatible across all NOVA chucks and accessories.
• High Tech Precision Composite Jaw Slides.
• Auto Safety Stop Feature. Jaw slides can’t protrude past the chuck body.
• Common Insert/Adaptor Fitting – compatible across all NOVA Chucks (Insert/Adaptors sold separately).


• Recommended for power work-holding on lathes from 350mm (14”) to 508mm (20”) diameter swing.
• Up to 736mm/29” diameter bowls (using PowerGrip™ accessory jaws – Additional purchase).
• Up to 482mm/19” length spigots (using PowerGrip™ accessory jaws – Additional purchase).
• Up to 310mm/12″ bowl (using standard 50mm accessories jaw – Additional purchase, included with SKU 23264).
• Up to 150mm/6″ length x 10mm/4″ diameter (using standard 50mm accessories jaw – Additional purchase, included with SKU 23264).
• 24 Division Index built into the backing plate design.

Packaged Weight: 2kgs/4.4lbs

WARRANTY: 2-Year Full Replacement*

Safety Advisory!
Only use authentic NOVA accessories on your NOVA chuck. Using non-genuine NOVA and copies of accessories could lead to operation and safety issues and will void our warranty. NOVA accessories are designed for use only on NOVA Chucks. Do not use on any other chuck.

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