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Richter Extra Bevel Edge Chisels

Richter Extra Bevel Edge Chisels

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Chisels are still produced in the original Bystrice factory site using old-world drop-forging techniques which greatly enhance the strength and durability of the steel. To commemorate its 100 anniversary, Narex developed a new line of Richter Extra premium bench chisels named after their founder. The Richter Extra chisels are the finest chisels Narex has produced in its 100 year history.  This line of chisels are made from the finest materials available, have undergone superior heat treatment and been manufactured using the most stringent manufacturing processes. 

Richter chisel blades are made from the highest quality Chrome Manganese (Cr-V) steel using traditional drop-forging methods. Blades are then hardened, cryogenically treated and tempered to achieve a minimal hardness of 62 HRc. Following initial hardening, cryogenic treatment is performed which cools the steel down to −190° C (-310° F) using liquid nitrogen. This alters the mechanical properties of the steel at the molecular level greatly increasing its strength, toughness and wear resistance.

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