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NOVA 112mm (4.4") Greenwood Jaw Set

NOVA 112mm (4.4") Greenwood Jaw Set

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NOVA 6089 112mm (4.4”) Greenwood Jaws are the ideal jaw set for turning large green or wet wood projects like bowls or vases. These jaws have an advanced electroplated coating to minimize rusting common when turning green wood due to the high moisture environment created. The thicker profile, extra wide angle of the teeth and 19mm (.75”) interior and exterior serrated walls provide a superior holding power over other jaws and grip the wood fibers firmly in expansion or compression modes.

  • Expansion Grip: 4.32" - 5.12"
  • Contraction Square Grip: 2.51" - 3.33"
  • Contraction Tenon Grip: 3.47" - 4.34"
  • Fits all NOVA chucks except NOVA Infinity chuck
  • 10 Year Warranty
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