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Chuck Accessory Pen 'Plus' Jaws

Chuck Accessory Pen 'Plus' Jaws

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NOVA Pen ‘Plus’ Jaws easily convert your NOVA chuck into a fast and accurate pen blank drilling facility. 

• Solid, long design means the pen blank is gripped firmly without movement. Drill your pen blanks accurately and cleanly.
• Convenient for small run pen making. As all operations are based around the lathe, there’s no need for a drill press or pen vice.
• Fast and easy to use – can be set up on a lathe in a few minutes, rather than lining up vice in drill press.
• Control your drill feed to slow it down for fragile pen blank walls to prevent breakout.
• Plus factor – hold long square stock firmly and accurately for wider project use – beyond just pens
• Fits on all NOVA chucks, even the new NOVA Infinity (with optional Retro Fit Kit)
• Drilling on the lathe enables the turner to hold the Pen blank centrally, allowing for more accurate drilling and greater control of the process.
• A ‘V’ groove in each of the jaws ensures a more secure and firmer grip.


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