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Soft Jaw Set for NOVA Chucks

Soft Jaw Set for NOVA Chucks

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NOVA 6021 Soft Chuck Accessory Jaw Set an accessory for NOVA Chucks, designed to expand your range and capacity of your standard NOVA Chuck for specific projects and applications. Universally fits to any NOVA Chuck* for maximum flexibility, saving money as duplicate accessories are not needed for different NOVA Chucks. NOVA 6021 Soft Chuck Accessory Jaw Set is a unique set made from soft nylon that the user can cut, mold and customize to their requirements for special work holding. These provide markless holding – the nylon material holds most woods with marking. The thick jaw body provides flexibility of design. Comes with 4 jaw segments of soft nylon and instructions. Uses the same fasteners as supplied with your NOVA Chuck. *Some accessories such as larger jaws are only suitable for use on the larger NOVA Chucks, please check manual prior to use.

  • 4 segments of soft nylon
  • Cut and customize yourself to your specific holding requirements
  • Markless holding
  • Thick jaw body give maximum flexibility of design
  • Uses standard fasteners supplied with your NOVA Chuck
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