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Eye Candy Pigments

Ghost Pigments (Pearlescent Mica Powder)

Ghost Pigments (Pearlescent Mica Powder)

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Curious about ghost pigments? These pearlescent mica powders look white when they’re right in front of you or under direct sunlight. But shift your angle just a bit, and these ghost mica powders will give you a glimpse of a secondary color. Spooky!

They’re also known as interference pigments. If you’re looking to achieve a “mother of pearl” effect, these will do the trick.

Use pearlescent mica powders over a white base, and the surface will appear to be translucent. Ghost pigments have a gorgeous, almost glow-in-the-dark effect. You can even have your choice of secondary colors. These look incredible when added to paints and craft materials. Epoxy resin art projects take on a new dimension, whether it’s a large river table or a jewelry trinket.
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