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Wooden Hand Screw Clamps for Woodworking (DCE)

Wooden Hand Screw Clamps for Woodworking (DCE)

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Wood hand screws clamps have as many uses in the DIY, carpenter’s or cabinet maker’s shop today as when first invented. The dual angle adjustable wood jaws can be set up to 15 degrees out of parallel to secure odd-shaped parts or can be set parallel to distribute pressure evenly over a wider area. These clamps perform equally well when performing heavy clamping operations or delicate clamping of small parts. The wood jaws will not mar work pieces. The jaws can be set to overlap each other. The jaws can also be angled to allow pressure to be concentrated at the tips exactly where it is required. The rapid- type threads turn easily and allow quick adjustment of the jaws. Both jaws are balanced to allow two-handed “swinging” to quickly adjust the jaws to the desired opening.


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