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4 Piece Roubo Style Aluminum Black Winding Stick Bracket Kit

4 Piece Roubo Style Aluminum Black Winding Stick Bracket Kit

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Winding Stick have been used by woodworking for centuries to check and prepare flat and straight stock. Winding sticks are used in pairs to ascertain twist (or wind) in lumber by amplifying any defects. In use, one winding stick is placed on one end of a workpiece and the other at the opposite end. When sighting above the top of the two sticks any discrepancies in parallel become readily apparent. Winding sticks are straight, flat sticks made in matching pairs but often of contrasting wood species to make any differences that more visible.

These aluminum bracket sets allow you to quickly make a pair of traditional, adjustable winding sticks similar to those described by Andre’ Roubo in his 18th century woodworking treatise L’Art du Menuisier.  To make, dimension two 3/8” thick x 1-3/8” wide sticks, slide them in the bracket slots and then insert dowels in the end of each stick to keep the brackets from sliding off. The brackets can now slide along the sticks allowing the brackets to be adjusted to the width of your board.  


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