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Doctor's Woodshop

High Build Friction Polish 16oz.

High Build Friction Polish 16oz.

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Doctor's Woodshop High Build Friction polish is among the very best for creating depth of finish. This is a new version of the classic oil/shellac friction polish, replacing boiled linseed oil with Walnut oil. Walnut oil does not cloud the figure of the wood or darken with age

Applied to the spinning work piece surface with a soft paper towel, Doctor’s Woodshop High Build Friction Polish dries quickly to give a hard lustrous finish. It also serves as an excellent sealing coat for a wax or lacquer finish. After applying at slow speed to cover the surface, buffing at high speed will speed up the curing process. Allowing the surface to cool for a few minutes between layers is recommended. The surface of the work piece should be finish sanded, with all sanding marks removed. For most pieces, sanding through 1000 grit is the norm. It doesn’t take that long with good quality sandpaper and a sanding lubricant like Doctor’s Woodshop Walnut Finishing Oil.  


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