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Pro-Tek G3 Bundle (Includes 48291, JS100N, JSPIN)

Pro-Tek G3 Bundle (Includes 48291, JS100N, JSPIN)

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From the inNOVAtors of the original woodturning chuck comes the next generation of chucks – the PRO-TEK Series self centering chucks and jaws deliver the next generation of inNOVAtion in woodturning. The powerful gearing grip delivers tremendous slide holding power offering solid, vibration free performance, each and every time you turn. The PRO-TEK series of chucks are compatible with the same accessory range as other NOVA Chucks, and feature premium upgrades including:

• Premium rust resistant and durable protective coating, ideal for turning green wood.
• Stronger and more versatile 50mm/2” NEW! PRO-TEK Jaws with an improved dovetail AND serrated profile for maximum control. The
unique woodworking dovetail profile pulls the project into the chuck and holds round and square blanks firmly.
• Upgraded 6 point star fasteners exerting more torque with ease, offering better holding power and minimizing strip out for longer life.
• Jaw fastening wrench upgraded to T-bar handle (from hex wrench) for reduced stripping; and enabling quicker tightening of screws
which are easier on hands.
• Intuitive clockwise scroll rotation for ease of use.
• CNC precision machined for unparalleled tolerances and accuracy.
• Fully sealed indexing backing plate reinforced with stranded glass fibers for extreme durability that protects the internal gearing from
moisture and debris creating low maintenance and ensuring a longer life. (PRO-TEK SUPERNOVA2 ONLY)
• Stand out NOVA RED backing plate adds an additional safety measure for use in operation. (PRO-TEK SUPERNOVA2 ONLY)
• Powerful geared grip delivers tremendous slide holding power.
• Self-lubricating copper-infused precision-cast jaw slides for effortless movement and resistance to wear and tear.
• Single-handed operation offers fast and convenient mounting for your project: quicker setup equals more time to turn.
• Captured pinion and ball nose hex wrench with large, easy grip handle allows unique tilt-away action especially handy when working
with larger workpieces.
• Rotation arrow for easy reference and fast opening and closing action.
• Auto safety stop feature to keep Jaw slides from protruding past the chuck body.
• Jaw mounting profile is cross-compatible with all NOVA chucks.
• NOVA’s Spindle Adaptor system — fit your NOVA Insert chuck to various lathe spindle threads.
• Safe Lock woodworm screw included for fast mounting of rough material.
• BONUS! NOVA microfiber workshop towel (11.5″ x 10.5″) to help keep your chuck and jaws well maintained.

• 10 Year Full Replacement Warranty — Best in Market!


• Chuck recommended for 10″ to 16″ lathes. Diameter 88.5mm/3.45″, height 44mm/1.72″.
• PRO-TEK Jaws (50mm/2″) included best for projects up to 310mm/12″ bowl and up to 150mm/6″ length spigots.
• Insert chucks require an insert (sold separately).


• Recommended for lathes from 350mm/14” to 508mm/20” diameter swing. Diameter 98.5mm/3.84″, height 48mm/1.87″.
• PRO-TEK Jaws (50mm/2″) for projects up to 310mm/12″ bowl and up to 150mm/6″ length spigots.
• 24 Division Index built into the backing plate design.
• Insert chucks require an insert (sold separately).


• PRO-TEK 50mm Jaws
• Woodworm Screw
• T-Bar Chuck Key
• 6 Point Star Fasteners (8) & T Handle Wrench
• Fibre Washers & Allen Wrench
• Set Screw
• BONUS NOVA Microfiber Workshop Towel
• NOVA Chuck & Jaw Hard Storage Case

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