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Basic Starter 9 pc Router Bit Set, 1/2" Shank

Basic Starter 9 pc Router Bit Set, 1/2" Shank

SKU: SE1901, SE2305, SE2405, SE1067, SE2009, SE1803, SE2202, SE1504, SE2006

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This starter kit of router bits with a 1/2" Shank includes:

-SE1901: Carbide tipped Rabbet Bit x 1 1/4 Cutter Depth x1/2 Cutter Length x 3/8 Cut

-SE2305: Carbide tipped 45 Degree Cham Bit x7/16 Height

-SE2405: Carbide tipped Flush Trim 1/2" Cutter Depth x1" cutter length 

-SE1067: Carbide tipped Straight x 1/2 Cutter Depth x1 1/4 cutter length x 2 3/4" 

-SE2009: Carbide tipped Roundover 1/2" Radius x1 1/2" Cutter Depth

-SE1803: Carbide tipped Cove Bit 1/4" Radius x1 CD x 1/2" Cutter Length

-SE2202: Carbide tipped Roman Ogee x 5/32" Radius x 1 1/8" Cutter Depth

-SE1504: Carbide tipped V-Groove x 3/4" Cutter Depth x90 Degree x 5/8" Cutter Length x 2-1/4 Overall Cutter Length

-SE2006: Carbide tipped Roundover 1/4" Radius x 1" Cutter Depth



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