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Z-Saw Panel Piercing Dozuki Japanese Back Saw

Z-Saw Panel Piercing Dozuki Japanese Back Saw

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Just like any other Dozuki back saw, this Panel Piercing saw is an excellent general purpose fine cut Japanese saw perfect when making joinery cuts in both hard and soft woods. This saw has an added feature in that at the end of the blade has a unique scratch piercing fore-tooth that allows you to start a cut in the middle of a board or panel. It is necessary to use wooden straight edge as a guide to make the initial piercing cut through the board, but once you have cut through the stock, the Panel Piercing saw cuts on the pull stroke like any other Japanese saw.  


Hardwood 150 mm /5.9"
  • Overall length: 372mm/14-5/8"
  • Blade length: 150 mm/5.9"
  • Blade thickness: 0.3mm/0.011"
  • Kerf: 0.4mm/0.015"
  • Blade depth: 38mm/1-1/2"
  • Maximum depth of cut: 38mm/1-1/2"
  • Pitch/TPI: 1.41mm/18 TPI
  • Traditional rattan cane wrapped wood handle
  • Replacement blade sold separately: 07102


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